Which ports does Le VPN use?

Le VPN may establish VPN connections on the following ports:

PPTP: Port 1723 TCP

L2TP over IPSec: Port 1701 UDP

IKEv2: UDP 500

OpenVPN: Port 53 UDP, TCP 443 and TCP 80

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)  is an Internet protocol (TCP/IP) communication widely used on the Internet on how a network is established and maintained via application programs which exchange data.

Below are some quick points using TCP VPN.

• Good Reliability – TCP VPN offers stable connections

• Bypass Firewalls – Since TCP uses common ports (80, 443) which are rarely blocked, it can bypass firewalls.

• Slower Speed  – TCP is connection-oriented protocol and ensures that all packets are delivered. If one packet is lost or not delivered it will attempt to resend it. That may cause slower speeds in some rare situations.

User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is also part of the Internet protocol used for data transferring but it doesn’t acknowledge that the packets being sent have been received.

Below are some quick points using UDP VPN.

• Less Reliability – In some rare situations, UDP can be less reliable than TCP as it dost not guarantee the delivery of packets.

• Recommended – UDP VPN tunnel is recommended OpenVPN connection method.

• Faster Speed – UDP VPN offers better speed than TCP VPN. If you’re streaming HD content or downloading torrents, UDP VPN would be your choice.

If you need information regarding Le VPN’s protocols, please click here.

If you need any other assistance, please contact us via Live Chat or submit a ticket to our support team.

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